Eyelashes growing at the edge of the eyelid are long considered an indication of beauty in women. An eyelash adds instant charm to the eyes. Apart from beauty, eyelashes offer protection for the eyes against debris and other foreign objects such as insects from invading your eye by closing reflexively. Eyelashes are sensitive to touch. In the quest for beauty, many are resorting to enhance their lashes using Mascaras, eyeliner, eye shadow and eye putty. It is important to note that not everyone has the blessing of longer eyelashes. Moreover, there is a concern for eyelash loss among many.

Whys and wherefores for eyelash loss

You should not be alarmed when on occasions you find a stray lash on your towel or pillowcase but if the loss is persistent and the new lashes do not grow faster than you expect then there is a problem. You can identify the real cause of eyelash loss from the following;

1. Mascara use

Wearing Mascara overnight is detrimental to your lashes, one it causes dryness, making them brittle thus breaking off. Waterproof mascara is good for special application such as weddings. If you use it on a daily basis, it has a chemical called dimethicone copolyol requiring special eye removers since lashes are notoriously delicate they break off in the process. Allergic reaction to mascara causes eyelashes to fall off.

2. Blepharitis infection

Blepharitis is an infection of the eyelids that’s hard to treat. This infection commonly caused by excessive growth of bacteria or viral on the skin inflames the eyelids. It causes clogging of the eyelid oil glands, one of the treatment methods to clear blockage involves massaging the glands to empty the content and in the process the eyelashes fall off. Itchiness causes the sufferer to pluck the lashes unknowingly.

3. Illness

An illness disrupts the process of hair growth thus destroying follicle and replacing with scar tissues. The most common diseases that cause hair loss include Alopecia, scleroderma or lupus and hypothyroidism. In Alopecia which is a disorder of the immune system causes the immune cells to attack the follicle forcing the hair to fall off. Hair pulling disorder (psychological state) may cause the eyelashes and eyebrows hair to fall off due to plucking from the roots a condition known as Trichotillomania Tangle. When you are ill, you take medications to treat the diseases. However, there are some drugs used to treat illnesses such pressure, anti-clogging, anti-cholesterol and thyroid balancing that are known to interfere with hair growing cycle.


4. Chemotherapy

Undergoing chemotherapy is an essential part of treating cancer, but the chemo drugs go after fast-growing cells in your body. One of such cells includes hair follicles. Since hair follicles are in eyelashes, definitely it has a direct effect on their survival and growth with eyelash enhancer. The effect may last for a while as soon as the chemo stops the lashes grow or long term. In that case, you seek medical advice from you physician so that you change the drugs.

5. Thyroid problems

A common symptom of thyroid condition is loss sparse eyebrows and eyelashes because of overactive and underactive thyroid glands. When you have difficulty tolerating heat, sleeping, losing weight compounded with swelling of the lower neck then the condition is overactive thyroid gland. On the other hand, if cannot tolerate cold, experience dry skin, constipation, and gain weight then the condition is described as an underactive thyroid gland. Thyroid problems lead to brittleness, dryness and thinning of hair.


6. Inflicting Trauma on the lashes

Rubbing of eyes occurs when tired or feeling itchy thus proving temporary relief, however, tugging your eyelashes too hard causes them to fall out. Pulling on lashes with an eyelash curler can also inflict trauma that can cause you to lose your lashes.

7. Natural Eyelash Loss

Eyelashes can fall off naturally to allow the new hair to grow and the dead ones to fall off. The new hair regrows to replace the fallen hair. Follow basic hygiene to ensure your eyes are not affected by the dirt in your hand that causes rubbing. The aging process also affects the growth and loss of eyelashes. Due to menopause dwindling estrogen levels affects the natural cycle of hair that is growing, resting and then shedding.



The hair is the fastest growing tissue in your body followed closely by the bone marrow. Numerous conditions can inhibit this fact such as environment, illnesses, and aging. In this regard, great care should be taken to take precautions while using beauty products such as mascara. Doctors advise are necessary where you suspect that your loss of eyelashes is due to illness. How we treat our eyelashes can lead to unnecessary hair loss. Beauty is not cheap it comes with a price, and one of the costs includes taking care of your eyelashes.