The face is the most critical part of the skin. It is extra sensitive and is affected by a lot of conditions. The face is thinner and has more oil glands than any other part of the skin. However, not all areas of the face have these numerous oil glands. The skin under the eyes has limited oil glands. Thus, it places it at a greater risk of being affected by various conditions like wrinkles, lines and eye bags. The skin under, therefore, should be treated with a lot of care so as to maintain healthy and bright face. Dark circles in the eye region are a sign of many things. It is not wise to ignore these signs. They will help you achieve a bright face and keep you looking young, healthy and charming. Always be keen to the signs and symptoms that appear on your face. It is the only way you give people your first impression. Remember the face says a lot about who you are.

A sign of exhaustion

When you are tired and exhausted, your body will tell you by showing signs on your face or any other part of the body. The first region will be on your eyes. Many things may cause fatigue. The primary cause of fatigue is the lack of enough sleep. It is mainly for those people that stay awake long into the night. Most people say that they do not find any sleep. However, after a long day of working, you should make sure that you have enough of rest. If you do not have enough sleep, you should just lie on your bed. You might find yourself catching some sleep. Besides, even if you do not catch any sleep, you will have helped your body relax rather than just staying awake the whole night. The recommended sleep time for an adult should be six hours and around nine hours for children. Giving the body enough time to rest prevents our bodies from developing dark circles under eyes. The dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles make one look older than their actual age.


A dehydrated skin will lead to the development of bags and dark regions under the eyes. When the skin cells lose water, they shrink. It leads to the eyes sinking into the eye sockets. At times, it may cause shadows under the eyes. Dehydration will not only cause dark circles, but it will also lead to a dry skin that is prone to acne and blemishes. The blemishes may also heal and leave dark regions. It is, therefore, important to make sure that you leave your skin hydrated all the time. You can ensure this by taking a lot of fluids. Taking about eight glasses of water daily will be an important step towards keeping your skin hydrated. Some creams also help maintain a hydrated skin. They protect loss of water by the skin cells. Hence, it will help maintain a healthy skin that leaves you glowing and looking beautiful.

Raised cholesterol levels

When your body metabolism is affected, there will be a lot of storage of fatty deposits beneath the skin. It will be shown by the appearance of yellow spots on the skin around the eyes and the elbow. In the case of such symptoms, you should consider taking a blood test. It is recommended the test to be performed on an empty stomach. Raised cholesterol levels can be controlled by a change in diet or through exercising. As mentioned above, it is important to be keen on signs that appear on the face. If you do not work towards correcting this condition, it could lead to the development of heart and brain conditions.


Dark circles a sign of allergies

Apart from sneezing, you can tell if you are being affected by allergies by being keen to observe the signs on your face. Allergies may be caused by the winter season which is marked by increased humidity in the atmosphere. It causes dehydration leading to sunken eyes and dark circles. People can avoid this by wearing creams that have moisturizing effects, and that prevent the skin from losing water for skin care. Another form of allergy caused by dust is the most common and is experienced all year round. When there is a lot of unsettled dust in the atmosphere, it will lead to itching eyes, thus, constant rubbing the eyes. It will result in the formation of circles under the eyes. This allergy also affects people working in dusty areas like in mines, timber yards and in the chemical industries. However, it can be controlled by using the correct protective gear while working in areas that expose our eyes and nose to dust.


Taking into consideration the signs that appear on the face will help you protect your body from future complex conditions and allows you to have and maintain a beautiful face.